Friday, 7 November 2014

New Jawbone Trackers; Google Maps Update; OnBeep's Onyx Wearable......

Jawbone UP Move
Topping tech headlines on Wednesday, Jawbone introduced two new wearable fitness trackers: the UP Move and UP3.
The $50 UP Move (pictured) tracks daily steps, exercise, and calories burned, as well as hours and quality of sleep. It also comes with a clip accessory to snap onto a pocket, sports bra, belt loop, or other inconspicuous spots. It taps into Jawbone's UP mobile app, and offers access to the new Smart Coach system. The next-gen UP3 comes with a $180 price tag, as well as embedded sensor technology and the new bioimpedance sensor. See more in the video below.
In other mobile news, Google announced a Maps "material design" makeover, complete with bright pops of color and a fresh design. The application also integrates OpenTable for restaurant reservations and Uber pick-up times and prices. Plus, every time you tap a place's info sheet, you'll send a layer of details to the top, showing photos, reviews, and more.

Meanwhile, OnBeep unveiled Onyx, its heads-up communication device reminiscent of the Star Trek communicator. The hands-free walkie-talkie provides real-time conversation between individuals or groups, without the added bulk of a radio or frustration of cell phones. The circular Onyx clips onto your shirt, jacket, or bag strap, and connects to the OnBeep smartphone app via Bluetooth.