Friday, 12 December 2014

Che Guevara’s son is selling ‘Motorcycle Diaries’ tours for $6,000..............

Che Guevara's son is selling 'Motorcycle Diaries' tours for $6,000
The commercialisation of Che Guevara is nothing new.
The image of the mustachioed, beret-wearing Marxist revolutionary has been used for a long time to sell everything from t-shirts to mugs.
And if El Che would disapprove of that, he would surely have a few words to say about his son’s latest business venture: selling ‘Motorcycle Diaries’ tours for $6,000 (£3,816) a pop.
Ernesto, the youngest son of the Argentine, has opened a travel agency in Cuba that looks to take advantage of his father’s love of motorbikes and his account of two road trips around South America as a student.
‘Ernesto Guevara] inherited from his father the passion for motorcycles which enables him to travel his country and to know it as few [others],’ reads the La Poderosa Tours website.
(Picture: Getty Images)
Would Che approve? (Picture: Getty Images)
‘Proud of his people, he has always longed to share the experience of enjoying the beauties of his country with friends and the brotherhood of motorists visiting the island. Ernesto will fulfil your dreams but also [develop] his.’
La Poderosa was the name Guevara gave to his motorbike, a British-made Norton, during the motorcycle journeys, which he made with his childhood friend Alberto Granado.
And while the tour company goes to great lengths to emphasise its reverence for the accomplishments of El Che, the ‘Motorcycle Diaries’ tour price tag tells a different story.
The average monthly salary in Cuba is $20.