Thursday, 11 June 2015

Twitter now lets you share blocked user lists...........

While Twitter is the go-to social network for millions who bank on it for their daily dose of news and updates, the proliferation of trolls--and the more nasty varieties--can often be a bane to users. Until now, people have had to contend with blocking these unsavoury elements one-by-one, a process that is often arduous especially in the case of high-visibility public figures, activists and women who often become targets of hateful and threatening tirages.
Twitter has now made it easier to proliferate the IDs of such seamy users among your friends and contacts: you can simply export your list of blocked users to a CSV file, which you can send to other people who can import this list to their own accounts, immediately adding to their own block list.
Log into your Twitter account on a desktop and simply go to the ‘Blocked accounts’ section of your account, then click the ‘Advanced options’ drop down and select ‘Export your list’. Next, confirm the accounts you want to export and hit the blue button.
You can share this downloaded file with your friends and associates, which they can in turn import into their own Twitter profiles, automatically adding these users to their own blocked account page.
This new feature should simplify the process of proliferating entire lists of blocked users especially among users and users groups that are likely to be targeted by similar Twitter users. Being able to share lists of blocked users adds a community-driven angle, which should make it that much simpler to reduce instances of these unwanted users on the network.