Saturday, 6 December 2014

Are these the most lifelike sex dolls EVER? Incredible snaps show 'women' in startlingly racy poses..........

Realistic sex dolls
Would you fancy calling one of these super-glamorous 'women' your girlfriend?
From a blonde posing provocatively on a night out to a brunette lying seductively on her bed, these sultry bombshells look like every man’s dream partner.
Even the close-up shots show their pouting beauty, which would make any red blooded male’s pulse race.
However, each one is in fact made from PLASTIC.
In fact, they're part of a collection of sex dolls worth up to £4,000 each and have been carefully dressed and posed as if they are taking part in a glamour shoot.
Media Drum WorldRealistic sex dolls
Hot or not? This bikini-clad doll could pass for a real woman
Until now, sex dolls have tended to look not very humanlike.
New York fashion photographer Stacy Leigh, 43, decided to create the project, which she calls “Average Americans”, to prove how anyone can fancy the mannequin-like dolls.
“Men and women both use the dolls as replacements for human companionship whether by choice or necessity,” said Stacy.
“I believe it's perfectly fine if it makes ones journey through life more bearable."
She added: “My photos are about life and relationships and sexuality.
“Some people are repulsed by the dolls, while others are empathetic towards them.
“As the world becomes more digital and less personal, dolls and robots will become more commonplace as surrogates for relationships.
“I can only hope that my photos spark an emotion or connection in the viewer.”
Media Drum WorldRealistic sex dolls
Inviting? The photographer claims her pics show how anyone could fancy sex dolls
A world away from blow-up sex dolls of the past, love dolls or real dolls as they are also known, have become increasingly more popular as they have become more realistic looking.
Many collectors refer to their love dolls as their “girlfriends” and have full sexual relationships with them.
When buying a love doll, customers can choose to customise everything from hair, eye and skin colour to boob size and even the shape and style of the vagina.
Stacy, who owns 12 real dolls, explained how she became involved in collecting and photographing her plastic subjects.
“I watched a TV show called REAL SEX on HBO that featured Realdolls,” she said.
“I had always wanted a life-size doll, as I have been collecting small fashion dolls since I was a child.
“I perused the internet with the intention of using a love doll as my sitting model for photography.
“When my first doll arrived, I began to photograph her and the rest is history."
Media Drum WorldRealistic sex dolls