Monday, 8 June 2015

Apple WWDC 2015: iOS 9, OS X, and the all-new Apple Music cap off a fairly uneventful conference............

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Apple hosted the inaugural function for it’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference today, in San Francisco, and we were live blogging as the updates were flying in. Updates from iOS 9, OS X, and the all new Apple Music. Get all the updates below, newest at the top.

0:53 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
Oh no. It's a performance by "The Weekend". Never heard of him, but I'm not exactly the most up to date on the music scene. Unfortunately, that means the end of the Apple WWDC with absolutely no mention of Apple TV. I guess the rumours were right on that front. In fact, nothing really innovating going on here except for a few things with Apple Music. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to catch our roundup of the conference on Tuesday morning.
0:52 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
And one last it going to be a giveaway? Another release? U2 catapulting another album onto people 's iPhones?
0:50 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
For US $14.99 can have up to 6 family members on an account. Everyone gets own account, own library, own recommendations.
0:47 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
Apple Music will be coming to 100 countries June 30 with iOS 8.4, and will be US $9.99 a month, with the first three months free as a trial offer. And Apple Music will also come to Android later this year.
0:44 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
Apple Music's player seems to respond to Siri-like contextual queries. "Play top 10 rock songs." "Play songs from 1990." They all work.
0:32 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
24/7 radio, radio jockeys, three stations......Beats One? Are we just talking about plain old radio? Say what?
0:31 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
Beats One will broadcast from Los Angeles, New York City and London.
0:29 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
Zane Low hired for Beats One. He's on video now. "I'm a music fan. I play records. What I love is watching a group of people react to a record at the same time. We have real music fans running this palce. We have great music DJs and incredible artists who are in the studio right now building real radio shows that are going to blow your mind"
0:28 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
"New is where you discover new albums every week. All of our playlists. Human curated. Available by genre or activity."
0:28 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
"Can search music library but also search millions of songs on iTunes."
0:27 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
Another feature "Connect" on Apple Music, lets artists connect with their fans. So more social mdedia?
0:27 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
"Apple Music. It's a revolutionary music service and it starts with My Music. Recently added albums and songs right across the top. All music purchased and playlists you've created are right here."
0:25 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
Eddy Cue, head of iTunes, on stage now.
0:24 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
In addition, they're talking about setting up a worldwide radio station. 24/7 radio called "Beats One."
0:21 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
A single app on your iPhone.
0:20 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
Apple Music, the streaming service. "It will change the way you experience music forever," says Cook.
0:19 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
And with Apple, there is always... One more thing...
0:18 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
Watch OS 2 for the Apple Watch is available to developers today. Available at large by Fall.
0:17 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
Also, you can play music from your Apple Watch now. I'm pretty sure there'll be people who think it's cool to play crappy dance music from their watch in public.....for everyyone "enjoy".
0:12 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
Walk away from your phone and you r watch will be able to connect to known WiFi networks.
0:11 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
HomeKit is now available on the Apple Watch--control home automation via your wrist.
0:10 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
Also, current watch apps are extensions of the phone app. Now, native Apple Watch apps are possible.
0:09 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
Fitness apps tie into Apple's own app and Siri. Just raise the watch, say "go for  X calorie/distance run" and you're good to go. Also, achievement badges when you complete a goal. Oooohhhh shiny!
0:08 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
Reply to emails and use Facetime audio directly from the Apple Watch in Watch OS 2.
0:06 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
There's also a "Night Stand" mode, when your Apple Watch is charging in the dock. Shows time, keeps an alarm to wake you, and buttons operate as snooze and alarm off. So....what the Moto 360 does.....
0:05 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
Rotating the crown of the Apple Watch will let you 'time travel', pulling up past and upcoming info.
0:03 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
You can now customise your watch face with something called "Complications". These are bits of info you can have displayed in addition, like the date, flight info, tweets, sports scores. Probably not the wisest name for the feature though, makes it sound cluttered. 
0:01 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
New watch faces added, with a custoisable Photos face. It shuffles your photos like a screensaver. 
0:00 ISTTuesday, 9 June 2015
Applw Watch's Kevin Lynch on stage now, talking about the new capabilities. 
23:58 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
"We want to talk about now the next opportunity to change the world. And that's the opportunity to bring native apps to the watch with the new version of Watch OS"
23:57 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
And we have Cook back on stage for the Apple Watch announcements. 
23:55 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
Apple's App store has crossed 100 billion downloads. Apple has paid out $30 billion to devs to date, they say.
23:55 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
iOS 9 will support all the devices that run iOS 8. That means iPhone 4S, iPad 2 are still okay.
23:53 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
On to Swift now, Apple's custom designed programming language for iOS and OS X. To much developer applause, Swift has been made Open Source.
23:50 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
Over to Homekit now; has sensors for window shades, security, motion and carbon monoxide detection. Access your HomeKits from anywhere via the iCloud. 
23:44 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
A new low power mode in iOS 9 will supposedly stretch battery life by 3 hours.
23:43 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
Downer alert: Split view in iOS is only available on the iPad Air 2. Reason: it requires more power.
23:41 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
Running videos in the iPad now run Picture-in-Picture over other apps for true multitasking.
23:40 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
Now in iOS for the iPad, run two apps side-by-side with both supporting multi-touch simultaneously.
23:39 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
New in the keyboard app for the iPad--easier text selection with the keyboard mimicking a touchpad.
23:37 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
Federighi back on stage to assure everyone the News app personalisation is private, no data is collected, and it's not linked to other Apple services. In light of that last server hack with nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence (and a bunch of other less famous people) it seems Apple isn't taking any more chances. Not that that's a bad thing.
23:35 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
I have to say again, even the updates for the "personalised news app".....all of this has been done before. It seems like Apple execs have been asked to pretend it's 2012. All these very much standard  features from the Android platform aer being touted as cutting edge releases for Apple. I'm baffled.
23:29 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
A new news reader app in iOS called... News. Far enough. Designed, personalized stories chosen by interest. Apple's Susan Prescott is on stage for this.
23:28 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
Now, public transit routes added to the new Apple Maps mode called 'Transit'. Just not for India......again......whoop dee doo.
23:26 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
Federighi back on stage, talking about more additions to iOS 9. The iOS Notes app now has text formatting, now with checklists, pictures, links and sketches. Wait, iOS hasn't had simple checklists until now?
23:26 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
"Decided it's time to rename Passbook to Wallet." It stores your credit and debit cards, store loyalty cards and more. Well.......then why wasn't it called Wallet in the first place? That's what a wallet does....
23:23 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
The UK gets Apple Pay love--it's coming there next month, including for London's public transport.
23:23 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
Some more stores adding Apple Pay support: Baskin Robbins, Dunkin Donuts, Forever 21, Best Buy. 
23:21 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
" Last year we started with debit and credit cards. Over 2500 banks supporting it. This fall Discover will bring Apple Pay to its cardmembers."
23:19 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
And we have Apple Pay up next, with the project's VP Jennifer Bailey on stage.
23:16 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
Intelligence in iOS 9 is done on device, under user control. "It is not shared with third parties." It's not linked to your AppleID and not linked to other Apple devices
23:16 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
A deeply-linked search now ferrets out info from within installed apps in iOS 9.
23:14 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
You can ask Siri to remind you about a message later.  Seems Google did all of this a while ago. Why is this exciting again?
23:12 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
You can play online or iTunes videos directly from your Search. 
23:09 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
Siri is going to get smartere, respond more proactively. It responds to user habits. Search shows "Siri suggestions" that show you people you need to call for a meeting, apps you might want to download, apps you might want to use right now, all with clickable shortcuts.
23:05 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
iOS 9 is up next. "First and foremost we wenat to elevate the foundations. improving battery life, enhacing security."
23:02 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
According to the slide, Unity, Blizzard, Feral, Unreal Engine, the Foundry using Metal.
23:02 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
"El Capitan is available to developers today." The public beta follows in July.
23:01 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
Metal was a game development platform Apple announced at their devcon last year at its developer conference last year, designd to capitalize on the available GPUs in Apple's then latest processors. That Metal is now coming to Mac, and with a 50% improvement in rendering and a 70% reduction in CPU usage copared to OpenGL.
23:00 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
"1.4X acceleration in app launching, 2X improvement in snappiness of switching apps, twice as fast to get new mail messages, 4X as fast to get into preview."
22:56 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
Faster and simpler Mission Control from OS X, and an all new way to arrange windows. You can work two windows side by side, drag and drop a photo from an email to your messages. Perfect for smaller laptops.
22:51 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
Sites I like to keep around because I look at them on and off during the day. Now I can pin them." Federighi talking about Safari.
22:49 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
Shake the mouse and the cursor enlarges and pops out at you. Handy....I guess?
22:47 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
OS X El Capitan is the new Mac OS.
22:44 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
So we're starting with OS X. " I'm going to dispense with my normal updates other than to tell you everything's going great. I'd like to bring out my friend and colleague, Craig Federighi."
22:41 ISTMonday, 8 June 2015
Tim Cook strides onto the stage. Here we go.....