Saturday, 27 December 2014

Latest sanctions against Russia..........

Labeed Abdal
Labeed Abdal
US President Barack Obama signed a bill authorizing new sanctions against Russia and providing extra aid to Ukraine, which came simultaneously with the fall of the Russian currency, the ruble, and the plummeting oil prices, that has left the country in economic turmoil. The US step comes as a reminder of the East vs West struggle, which previously led to the fall of the Soviet Union.
The White House even expressed concern, saying that the bill contains sanctions that ‘do not reflect on the nature of the ongoing negotiations’. Obama said that the bill will not be imposed ‘at this time’, and I believe that the two sides need to seize the opportunity to negotiate to reach peaceful solutions and avoid escalations.
The bill that was passed by the US Congress includes sanctions on Russian defense, arms and energy companies. Meanwhile, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybakov said that the bill reflect ‘anti-Russia sentiments’. These sanctions, which stem from the Ukrainian crisis, directly affect the Russian economy, threatening it with further turmoil in 2015. All we call for is freedom and democracy to be restored in Ukraine, away from the games that the superpowers play.