Monday, 15 December 2014

Dick Cheney says will approve 'CIA's brutal interrogation programme' again without hesitation............

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has reportedly gone on record to say that despite the outrage courted by a recentSenate committee report on interrogation and detention programme employed by the Central Investigative Agency (CIA) after 9/11 attack, he would still authorize the programme again without any hesitation.
Cheney said that the tactics have worked for 13 years now and have helped to avert another mass-casualty event against the United States and he would approve it again "in a minute," reported The Washington Times.
He maintained that the administration consulted with lawyers at the time to ensure "not to cross that line." A scathing Senate report had accused the agency of using "brutal" methods like, waterboarding, and alleged that they were ineffective as they did not produce any useful intelligence.