Thursday, 13 November 2014

8-year-old Indian American entrepreneur Reuben Paul from Texas is keynote speaker at cyber security conference in New Delhi........

WASHINGTON, DC: Entrepreneur Rueben Paul, 8, a third grade Indian American student at the Harmony School of Science, in Austin, Texas, and the CEO of Prudent Games, was a keynote speaker at a top notch cyber security conference, titled Ground Zero Summit, in New Delhi, on Thursday.
Reuben Paul
The prodigy has been trained by his father, Mano Paul, in Object C programming language and is now learning Swift programming for Apple’s iOS platform. Mano Paul emigrated from Odisha to the US in 2000.
Reuben started Prudent Games in August. The company manufactures educational and entertaining games on cyber security for kids and adults. His father, Mano Paul, is the managing director of the company.
Slashdot reported that Reuben A. Paul, aka RAPstar, has something of a head-start when it comes to learning about computer security. His father has been a security researcher and instructor for many years.
“I started learning about computer languages around one- and-a-half years back. Now I design my own projects,” Reuben told PTI in an interview in New Delhi, today.
“This will be Reuben’s fourth conference where he will be giving lecture on cybersecurity. He will talk about need to create awareness about cybersecurity among young kids as well as demo white page hacking,” Mano Paul said.
The other keynote speakers at the summit included home ministry joint secretary Nirmaljeet Singh Kalsi, special commissioner police (Traffic), Delhi Police, Muktesh Chander and National Technical Research Organization director of cybersecurity operations Alok Vijayant.
In an interview to Keye TV last month, Reuben Paul, talking of his entrepreneurship had quipped: “I don’t want to be bragging,” adding: “I don’t mind if my dad’s my managing partner, I feel happy that he’s working with me. I don’t technically think I’m totally his boss and everything.”
On Prudent Games, Reuben said: “Our motto is learn while you play. So we make entertaining apps so our customers learn while they play.”
Reuben’s latest creation is an app called Cracker Proof. He describes it as a fun way to learn about building strong passwords.
“It should be strong enough that other people can’t break it and easier enough for you to remember it,” he said.
Reuben has been trotting around the speaking circuit quite a bit lately. He spoke to hundreds of professionals at the information security conference DerbyCon 4.0 in Kentucky, in September. Last month, he was the closing keynote speaker at the 2014 Houston Security Conference.
“I first felt nervous, but then I got the energy to do it,” he said to Keye TV. “I had a really fun time.”
Reuben got the idea to start creating apps after an assignment in his gifted and talented class program. He said his teacher asked the class to build a game and Reuben went digital. With many more apps already on the way, his future looks bright and he wants to ensure it’s protected for his fellow youngsters.
“I want other kids to be safe in the cyber world, because our world now is becoming cyber,” he said.
At DerbyCon, Reuben explained some of what he’s picked up so far on what kids can learn about security, as well as what the security field can learn from kids, reported Slashdot. Here’s one of them: “Kids are the best social engineers, followed by puppies.”