Monday, 26 January 2015

6 times US President captured attention on silverscreen..........

Obama is in India and agree with me when I say we all are glued to our screens to know where he is going, what he is doing, what he said and what deals did he make?
Obama is in India and agree with me when I say we all are glued to our screens to know where he is going, what he is doing, what he said and what deals did he make?
President of United States is a big deal. He is not only the leader of United States of America but of free world too. People are always keen to know about his power, tactics and his personal life too is under scrutiny all the time. Then there is Air Force one, The Beast and the ever so enigmatic Secret Service. There is a lot of material for the plot of a Hollywood blockbuster. And Hollywood hasn't disappointed at all. 
Over the years, we have seen many actors bring former presidents to life and a few have portrayed one. Here are our favourite picks - 
Air Force One – Harrison Ford does a tremendous job as President. There is cunning and ruthless villain (dishy Gary Oldman), there is a slight hint of Cold War and whatever remained of Soviet breakup. Then as the title suggests there was Air Force One. Flying fortress in real life but was infiltrated in the movie. And then begins the action packed rescue operation where the President single handedly saves the day.
Independence Day – Another badass President all ready to protect his country and the world. This time fighting against aliens. On July 3, just before the Independence Day of USA the aliens decide to all but obliterate New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, as well as Paris, London, Houston and Moscow. With the help of ex-scientist, played by Jeff Goldblum and Firebrand airforce officers, played by Will Smith, Bill Pullman's president saves the world yet again.
Frost/Nixon – Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal go hand in hand. Now the 'gate' suffix is applied to every administrative faux pas made public. The movie shows the real life story of how David Frost, a British Journalist, did interview with Nixon about the Watergate scandals. Nixon who had never spoken publicly since his resignation, in those interviews admitted that he let down American people. The movie sees stellar performances by Frank Langella as Nixon And Michael Sheen as Robert Frost.
Lincoln – This 2012 Oscar nominated movie had spectacular performances. When it comes to Steven Spielberg you just cannot be disappointed. The movie was portrayal of PresidentAbraham Lincoln in the time of conclusion of American Civil War. Daniel Day-Lewis won an Oscar for conveying Lincoln's own crisis and conscience to the audience.
Night at the Museum – There are plenty of serious movies when it comes to picturing US president and his powers. But this franchise is a fresh breeze. Why wouldn't it be when it's Robin Williams playing Teddy Roosevelt.
The West Wing – Television is also not left behind. There are plenty of mini-series. But The West Wing is special long series because of Martin Sheen. It shows the political battles played at the administration levels. follows the political events (often paraphrasing historical reality) almost day by day, more than merely a political soap.