Wednesday, 26 November 2014

'It's easy to quit smoking. I've quit thrice already': 12 real struggle every hard smoker who's just quit will understand.............

If you've just quit smoking after years of inner struggle to kick a habit you picked up 20 years ago, congratulations. You are the boss. But every smoker knows, the first five days are excruciatingly hard to get by. The next 10 days are slightly better, but that is also the time you are spending avoiding smokers.

It's not an easy battle to fight. But it's a great one to win in the end. But here are some things that you instinctively do that sometimes upsets people around you.

No one's taking anything away from your personal victory. But don't be the guy that every smoker hates for being a sanctimonious jerk who after disregarding every advice from wellwishers for 20 years is now the spokesperson for healthy living.

You are desperate to avoid talking about smoking. And one of your friends unfailingly will. That will trigger withdrawal and you will overcompensate by eating fried stuff.

You are quietly minding your own business when someone acquainted with your struggle will say 'But hadn't you quit 3-4 times earlier as well? Good luck. You can't do it.'

Have you tried hypnosis? Friends and colleagues will bring up strange remedies to deal with withdrawal.

You've turned into this irritable jerk around smokers. It's not your fault. You did the right thing though to be honest, smokers need their space and rights too.

Now alcohol tastes like luke warm tap water without a smoke.

Ahhh. Sweet mother of God. You lurk around smokers now to get a whiff of their smoke. Passive smoking is harmful too, but it reminds you of those good old coughing fits. Good memories.

Did we mention that you've turned into an irritable jerk? Add sanctimonious to that please. Suddenly you are the resident expert on the ill effects of smoking.

You now seek out fellow quitters to sort your life but still hang around smokers so that if you got desperate you'd have a reason to fall back on your smoke buddies.

You've discovered chewing gum to stay calm, but everyone else thinks you have developed an attitude.

You are now trying to enroll every smoker on earth to your smoke-free club. How's that working out for you?

But a joint's fine, right? Technically, that's not cigarette. It's not going to work.

Notice how you are no longer part of the cool group that brainstorms over a smoke every morning?