Monday, 8 December 2014

Modi promises to fulfill Vajpayee's 'Kashmir dream'............

The Indian prime minster Narendra Modi Monday promised to carry forward and fulfill the dream of the Bharatiya Janata Party stalwart Atal Bihari Vajpayee who as a former PM is credited with initiating a slew of peace-building measures in the region contested by Pakistan. 
Addressing a crowd of about 8 thousand people in a highly fortified cricket stadium in state's summer capital Srinagar, Modi talked about the development of the region. "Vajpayee had a dream about Kashmir, he had a dream of Insaanyat and democracy, I promise to fulfill his dreams about Kashmir.”
His party, the BJP, has said that Modi would address a crowd of hundred thousand people. 
He said he was the first leader since 1983 to hold a rally in the stadium, where India leaders have been booed and heckled during rallies in 1970s and 1980s.
“I have been told that after 1983, it isAuthorities Monday deployed more than 4,000 government forces to secure the venue of Modi's public rally while as restrictions were also imposed in many parts of the city.

Taking a dig at National Conference and PDP, Modi said, “you have tried the regimes of father-son, the regimes of father-daughter and Congress, but they did nothing for you, now try BJP and I assure you a corruption free atmosphere.”
He claimed during the devastating floods he received phone calls and letters from people of Jammu and Kashmir asking him to not hand over the relief package to the state government.  “When floods hit you the state government was found sleeping, but I personally came and announced Rs 1 thousand crore relief,” he said.
He said tourism was the mainstay of the Kashmir economy and the successive governments had failed to enhance the potential. 
Taking credit for the indictment of army troops involved in staged encounters and other crimes, he said: "I had the courage to ask the army to try the guilty on a fast track basis. It was during my government that army accepted its crime." 
He also praised the government forces serving in the conflict-torn state. “Let me tell you that 33 thousand policemen sacrificed their lives since India got freedom.”
He said instead of youth studying outside the state, avenues must be created for them to study and work here. "I was shocked to hear that Kashmiri girls go to far flung areas for education, we need to change this," he said.  
Modi asked the people to vote for his party and he would ensure that they get better government which serves them. for the first time that anybody has dared to hold a public meeting in the Stadium,” Modi said adding “Kashmiris have given me a lot of love and promised to return it with interest.”