Thursday, 4 December 2014

Austria sends in 'naked police' to stop intimacy in saunas...........

It seems things may have been getting a bit too steamy in Austria’s saunas of late, after the management of a fitness centre in the city of Linz had to call in the “naked police”.
While most people would probably find the sauna hot and sweaty enough without any extra activity, the city’s Parkbad fitness centre has received so many complaints about customers getting a touch too intimate with each other it has decided to take action, according to a report in Heute newspaper.
It has hired private security guards to go undercover in its sauna complex – only they won’t exactly be undercover as Austria, like Germany, has a strict etiquette of total nudity in its saunas.
Indeed, anyone trying so much as to cover their modesty with a towel is liable to be on the receiving end of a stern lecture. So the budding detectives, like those they are being hired to keep an eye on, will be in the altogether.
You could be forgiven for thinking the nudity might have something to do with the cause of the problem in the first place, but while it is completely normal for men and women to attend mixed saunas naked in Austria and Germany, any sort of hanky panky is frowned upon.
In their first week on the job, they caught two couples, who were banned from returning. Although the sauna complex is open to men and women, all those caught were men.
The area of the complex most frequented by the illicit couples came as no surprise: the steam room.