Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Rs 5cr in cash given to Mani, new audio alleges.......

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Startling revelations in the form of recorded conversations between prominent bar owners, that was released by Bar Hotel Owners' Association working president Biju Ramesh on Tuesday, appear to implicate finance minister K M Mani in the bar bribery case. 

In the taped conversations sources close to Ramesh said it was during a meeting of the association held on December 31 last year the bar owners talk in minute detail about financial transactions involving Mani. One of them, identified as Animon -state executive committee member of the association -says he had gone with Rs 5 crore to Mani's Pala house at 1 am on an unspecified date. He was accompanied by Elegance Bar owner Binoy."There is a currency counting machine at his residence,'' he is heard saying amid guffaws of others pre sent. "He asked us to come the next day with Rs 2 crore.

(Randu roopa venam enu paranju'') In the new tape, of 22 minute duration, Animon claims that Mani had demanded Rs 30 crore as bribe for not reo pening the 418 bars closed on March 31 last year and to let only 312 bars function. 

He also claims that later an other instalment of Rs 2 crore was handed over to Mani at Nedumbassery. 

As per the tape, Animon had demanded assurances from Mani as they had mobilised the money by taking loans from private moneylenders. 

Mani reportedly answered that he would take care of that. Animon also says in the tape that the Rs 5 crore was given to him by one Sunil Swamy.

"I had told Jose K Mani twice to shift the evidencetaking session. Or else, I would be forced to say all truth to them (vigilance officials)", Animon tells other bar hotel owners in the tape. 

The audio tape contradicts the version Animon gave to vigilance investigators on Saturday.Ramesh plans to hand over this CD to vigilance SP R Sukesan at 2 pm on Wednesday. The vigilance sleuths will also record a fresh statement by Ramesh based on the new evidence. 

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