Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Obama to sweep the streets of Delhi?.............

As part of the Swachh Bharat campaign, the citizens of India will now have to upload a selfie on Facebook and Twitter along with paying income tax and other government taxes.

This initiative has been taken by PMO to make sure that every Indian is involved with the national campaign. 

For the selfie, one will have to hold a jhaadu and click a selfie in a way that it looks like they are cleaning their premises and not supporting AAP. A lot of people have approached their friends who are AAP party workers to borrow broom for pictures. 

World's most powerful man, Barack Obama, also expressed his desire to be part of this campaign. He recently posted a selfie on the White House wall with a vacuum cleaner. 

AAP workers are now planning to rent their brooms to people for selfie and raise funds for elections. A bunch of them were seen at India Gate in Delhi and at Gate of India in Mumbai with brooms for hire. Some not so famous Bollywood celebrities were spotted supporting the cause. We saw Gul Panag and Rahul Bose running around these venues. 

Bose said, "I run for a cause. Even if it is about standing still and clicking a picture, I am going to run around with a broom to warm up and then may be click a selfie." 

While he was running all over with a broom, people were seen cheering him "Bhaag Bhaag Rahul Bose". 

Another celebrity present at the venue in Mumbai was Bhai, "Someone told me that it's for a cause and I am being so much human that I've to be part of every cause. If you read papers, you'd know I am cause of so many things." 

So far, the best selfie being posted online is by the Lalu family. It took them 8 cameras to click the entire family.

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