Thursday, 22 January 2015

All you want to know about Obama's dog 'officers...........

NEW DELHI: Ahead of US President Barack Obama' s visit as a chief guest for the upcoming Republic Day, the elite dog "officers" of the K-9 squad of US Secret Service are there in the national capital for his security. 

Here's all you want to know about the dogs who guard world's most powerful man: 

* The squad is an integral part of Obama's security apparatus and will be in the core security layer, tasked with sanitizing everything in the 100-metre vicinity of the president. Some of these officers, one-foot-tall Belgian Malinois dogs will be staying in style — in suites of a five-star hotel with their handlers.

* The K-9 unit of US secret service was established in 1977 and funded by the federal government. It has around 75 dogs, each costing around $9,000, and they receive 5 months of training at a 400 acres facility in Maryland.

* Jordan and Hurricane, who have been termed as the president's best friends, are also expected to be the part of the team. Other team members may include officers named Rock and Fredrick, say sources in the security wing of Delhi Police.

*While an advance party of the K-9 squad's dog "officers" have arrived in Delhi and have started work, the core team will be arriving on January 25 with the president.

* They will be taking control of Rajpath and the area around Maurya Sheraton, where the president will be staying. Officers say the dogs have been trained to sniff out even the most minute traces of explosives.

Here are some of the special features of the dogs of K-9 unit:

Core Competency

Specialists in explosives detection, the dogs can sniff out old traces of explosives like ammonium nitrate, RDX & potassium mixtures & IEDs.

Recruitment, eligibility & retirement

The K-9 'officers' are admitted through a professional working dog breeding programme. Only full- grown dogs are accepted in the K-9 squad rather that puppies. After retirement these dogs remain with their handlers. They include only German malinos, Dutch and German shepherds.


The dogs of the K-9 unite are specially cared and given carefully prepared diet comprising meat, pedigree, food and bread. They are also kept in highly luxurious environment.

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