Thursday, 11 December 2014

Man who claims to have killed 42 people could be one of Brazil's biggest serial killers.............

A man has confessed to killing 42 people after he was arrested in Rio de Janeiro.
Sailson Jose das Graças, 26, told reporters at a police station that he killed for pleasure and the accompanying adrenaline rush.
I killed just for the pleasure of it. I'd kill and then leave. I'd kill, stay there for a bit and then leave.
If proved true his making him potentially one of the country's most prolific serial killers.
Sailson Jose das Graças
Sailson Jose das Graças Credit: RTV
Experts said das Graças was likely a psychopath who enjoyed the media spotlight and warned that his accounts would need to be thoroughly checked. But police said they were convinced by his account and were cross referencing his confessions with past crime reports.
Four crimes had already successfully been matched, they said. The news comes just months after a security guard confessed to killing 39 people, mostly homeless people and transgender women, in the Brazilian city of Goiania.
Das Graças told reporters he would study his victims, sometimes for months, before attacking and claimed that he also operated as a killer for hire.
His preferred victims were white females, whom he said he strangled. Among the 42 victims, 39 are thought to be women.
He said he began a life of crime at the age of 15 snatching handbags. At 17 he allegedly killed his first victim.
I started robbing purses and things like that. Little things. I did petty theft. And as I got older I started having a different thoughts. My thoughts started changing.
From stealing I started thinking about killing.
At 15 I robbed purses, or 16, and then by the time I was 17 I killed the first person. And I felt that adrenaline. The first woman.
Sailson Jose das Graças
Sailson Jose das Graças Credit: RTV
Police made das Graças available for reporters to question in a session that is not uncommon in Brazil.
He said his wife was aware of the murders.