Thursday, 6 November 2014

Whatsapp updates application with 'message read' feature......

Whatsapp now alerts you when recipients have read your message through two blue ticks

New Delhi: Next time someone denies receiving your message on Whatsapp, you have all the proof they did!
Whatsapp, in its latest update, has included an all new feature that not only reveals if the other person has received a message but also shows the exact time it was opened/read.
The tick marks had confused quite a few users in the past, who believed one grey tick meant 'sent' and two grey ticks meant 'read'. One couldn't really blame users simply because many other platforms offered it that way, but it wasn't the same with Whatsapp. Here one grey tick only symbolised that the message had reached the Whatsapp server and two ticks showed that it had been delivered.
But the new feature — with the two grey ticks turning blue — signify that a message has been read.
Pressing an individual message for 2 seconds reveals the 'Message Info' option, which further shows the exact time the message was opened, read or played.
Though the new update has gathered mixed reviews from users, with some being happy to know that the other person, be it their colleagues, spouse or friends can't deny the fact that they saw their messages, others are worried they may have to respond to each message and can't feign ignorance anymore!