Thursday, 6 November 2014

Now WhatsApp users can see two blue check marks in a chat that notifies; recipient has read the message......

WhatsApp has started rolling out a new read receipt feature for Android, iOS users etc., now users can see two blue check marks in a chat that notifies a user that the recipient has read the message. Earlier versions of the app showed a grey double check mark which indicated the message had been delivered.
WhatsApp has also updated its FAQ page and it includes this new ‘Read Message’ feature. The FAQ page notes, "For any message that you send, you will be able to see a Message Info screen, displaying the details of when your message was delivered, read or played by the recipient(s)." Users can check Message Info by tapping and holding a sent message.
WhatsApp recently announced that it has over 70 million active users in India and WhatsApp also recently announced a delay in its plan of introducing the free voice-calling feature this year, pushing back the launch to the first quarter of 2015.