Saturday, 8 November 2014

News Anchor Dances to Taylor Swift's Shake it Off, Co-Anchor Does Not Approve.......

The entire world seems to currently have caught the highly contagious Taylor-fever, journalists included. This anchor from West Virginia's '59 News' was not afraid to Shake it Off, and as a result has turned into a viral sensation overnight. Or..umm.. over a week. 
News Anchor Dances to Taylor Swift's Shake it Off, Co-Anchor Does Not Approve  

Dan Thorn, news anchor and (clearly) dance lover, likes his breaks to be fun and well-documented, as his YouTube channel is evidently proof of. He's recently uploaded quite a few videos on his channel where he is dancing like the free soul that he is. Looks like a strategy to increase viewership and to that we say, well played sir! Going through the comments section on his channel will tell you just how much his popularity has shot up since he decided to showcase his inner Travolta. 

With jazz hands intact, smooth shades and a dapper suit, Dan is rocking the pop sensation's latest blockbuster single and dancing in between takes, while his co-anchor looks utterly unamused. She continues to work, drinks water while giving him the death stare and throws some serious shade at him - all to no effect. Dan just wants toshake, shake, shake, shake, as the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hateanyway.      

Watch the video and tell us who amuses you more, Dan or his poker-faced co-anchor: