Thursday, 13 November 2014

Constitution will be drafted in assembly, not street: Bhattarai.....

Striking a dissent note with fellow comrade Prachanda,leader Baburam Bhattarai today said that his party is committed to draft the new constitution within the Constituent Assembly. 

His remarks came after United of Nepal-Maoist (UCPN-M) Chairman Prachanda's threat to unilateraly announce the constitution from the street, if major political parties failed to forge consensus on key issues including the number of federal units. 

"People will announce their own constitution through the street, if ruling parties go ahead by disregarding the voice of the opposition parties," Prachanda yesterday said in Rolpa district, considered Maoists' headquarters during the decade-long insurgency. 

Bhattarai said revolutionary forces need to collaborate and cooperate with each other for consolidating democratic achievements. 

They fought the democratic struggle jointly and initiated the peace process by a 12-point agreement signed in New between the then underground Maoist party and other democratic parties, he said. 

Maoist Vice-President Narayankaji Shrestha said his party is committed to promulgating the constitution by January 22, 2015 as agreed by the political parties and the party is ready to show flexibility for the sake of forging consensus. 

He also dismissed the allegation made by ruling parties that UCPN-Maoist has abandoned the path of dialogue and consensus saying: "we are not obstructing the process of drafting the new constitution as claimed by the Nepali Congress and CPN-UML." 

"We are ready to sit for dialogue to forge consensus on key issues of the constitution," he added. 

The ruling parties Nepali Congress and Communist Party of Nepal-United Marxist Leninist are saying they would opt for voting process to settle the disputed issues of drafting the new constitution if no consensus emerges. 

The Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML command two-third majority in the 601-membered Constituent Assembly, which is sufficient to draft the new constitution. 

However, opposition parties including UCPN-Maoist and Madhesis based parties are pressing to settle the disputed issues of the constitution. 

Political parties are yet to agree on forms of governance, federal structure and judiciary system.