Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Delhi election 2015: Kiran Bedi says ‘very nationalistic RSS has kept India united’; Anna Hazare says politics is dirty.........

NEW DELHI: A rare BJP leader with no RSS link, Kiran Bedi, the party's chief ministerial nominee for Delhi, on Monday described the Sangh as "very nationalistic" that has kept India united.

The 65-year-old Bedi, who has been pitchforked to a leadership role within days of joining BJP, also felt that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a right-wing organization, was a very disciplined outfit and has been contributing significantly to nation building.

"They( RSS) are very nationalistic. I would think here is an organization which kept India together, which has kept India neat," Bedi told in an exclusive interview.

The former IPS officer, who was a core member of Team Anna till about two years back along with Kejriwal before they parted ways, said the AAP leader's agitation at Rajpath within a month of becoming chief minister (on December 28, 2013) had "ticked" her off very much.

It was after Kejriwal's protest at Rajpath that she thought of joining politics to save Delhi from "confrontational politics", she said.

RSS cadres during a drill.

"The city of Delhi was the reason for my joining politics. Delhi has gone through a huge upheaval ever since this man's (Kejriwal) entry (into politics). It stood still and it's been only on an agitation mode which left a very bad taste in the mouth of Indians. Because whatever happens in Delhi, happens in India. It affects India, it impacts India. It's been all about confrontation, it's all about Rajpath Dharnas. What kind of person is he (Kejriwal) who says I am an anarchist? Three days Delhi was standstill (when Kejriwal was on dharna as chief minister)," she said.

While she was severely critical of AAP, she was full of praise for RSS and said people do not know the "real" RSS.

"You do not know them. I have seen it all ... I saw very disciplined people and being very very strongly nationalistic. Teaching discipline to youngsters," she said.

Anna Hazare's first reaction on Bedi:

Anti corruption crusader Anna Hazare on Wednesday said that he doesn't want to get into 'dirt' of politics. Shutting his doors on Kiran Bedi, Hazare said that corruption and Lokpal were top priority for him.

Interestingly Kiran Bedi has announced that corruption was seventh on her agenda. Hazare said that anti corruption movement will be relaunched after New Delhi elections with new team members.

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