Monday, 29 December 2014

Dense fog derails rail traffic, grounds flights in Delhi.............

Dense fog derails rail traffic, grounds flights in Delhi
New Delhi: The national capital was engulfed by dense fog on Tuesday morning, delaying flights and disrupting rail traffic.
Visibility was reported to have dropped below 100 metres due to the dense fog.
As per reports, over 80 lights were delayed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport here while 16 others were altogether cancelled.
Some 100 trains were also running late; 30 of them have been rescheduled.
In Delhi, minimum temperature was recorded at 4.5 degrees Celsius this morning. On Sunday, the capital had recorded minimum temperature of 2.6 degrees Celsius - the lowest in five years.
From Uttar Pradesh, 16 deaths have been reported due to intense cold and icy winds.
Further up north, Amritsar in Punjab recorded zero degrees Celsius, as per MeT officials.
Similar conditions were reported from other parts of Punjab and Haryana.
In Jammu and Kashmir, mrecury dropped to minus 4.1 degrees Celsius in Srinagar while it was minus 15.6 degrees Celsius in Kargil.