Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Congress attacks Modi for his absence from Parliament...........

NEW DELHI: Congress targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday over his absence in both Houses of Parliament while terming as 'drama' his bowing before entering Parliament after his party's victory in the Lok Sabha elections. 

The opposition party accused Modi of 'showing scant respect' for the institution and not having the courage to face questions. 

"His scant respect for the institution of Parliament comes through when you learn that the Prime Minister is in the building but chooses not to attend the House, which is in session," said Congress spokesman Rajiv Gowda. 

Gowda added, "We urge the PM to be brave, to summon up courage to face his fellow members in both Houses of Parliament. We urge the PM to learn to respect the tradition, which has strengthened our democracy over the decades." 

The party continued its attack on the Modi government for its 'U-turns' as Gowda referred to a tweet of telecom minister Ravishankar Prasad, who then as BJP's chief spokesperson had targeted PM Manmohan Singh saying that the latter violated a time-tested tradition by going abroad when Parliament was in session. 

The party spokesman also questioned why Modi was now mostly on foreign visits, when Parliament session goes on here. 

He said that there is a tradition that PM introduces his ministers to the House, but this time Arun Jaitley, who is the Leader of the House introduced the members to Rajya Sabha. 

Alleging that in the last three months, the Prime Minister has given more speeches in foreign Parliaments than in Indian Parliament, Gowda wondered, "Is this because in those foreign Parliaments, there is no one to ask supplementary questions?" 

He went on to ask, "Why does the Prime Minister not have the courage to come to our Parliament. Why does he not have the courage to defend his minister for her divisive vitriolic hate speeches?"