Friday, 19 December 2014

'40 days in BJP better than 40yrs in Cong

NEW DELHI: Rural development minister Birender Singh opened his heart about his defection to BJP by saying in the Lok Sabha that he had not got his due in Congress despite four decades of service. 

"I served the Congress to the best of my ability for 40 years together and they did not give me, and this party made me cabinet minister in 40 days," he said. 

Singh was responding to a jibe from Congress MP K H Muniyappa during discussion on MGNREGA that he had become a newcomer in BJP while he had seniority in Congress. 

Singh joined the BJP after the Lok Sabha polls, angry at having been ignored for being inducted into the Union ministry during UPA and also for chief ministership of Haryana. 

Eager to reply in kind, he left Muniyappa squirming by saying, "Muniyappaji, I know that at least for the last 30 years, you are the most senior leader from Karnataka and that too from Scheduled Castes, but Congress never gave you that status." 

To Congress's chagrin, Singh said his friends in Congress lament that "you had the guts to take the decision (to leave Congress for BJP) and we did not have the guts to take the decision".