Monday, 10 November 2014

Syrian air strike kills 21 people and injures about 100........

At least 21 people were killed and around 100 wounded today when Syrian army planes bombed a town in northern Syria that is controlled by Islamic State militants.
Syrian military helicopters dropped barrel bombs and warplanes launched air strikes on al-Bab which lies northeast of the city of Aleppo, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.
One of the 21 killed was a child and the death count was expected to rise as some of the wounded were in a serious condition, said the Observatory, which gathers information from a variety of sources in Syria.
US-led warplanes have also been hitting Islamic State targets in Syria in a campaign which Washington says is not co-ordinated with Damascus. The Syrian army previously hit an area near al-Bab in September, saying it had “eliminated a number of terrorists” shortly after US-led strikes started.
Since the US-led forces started strikes on Syria more than a month ago, Syria’s military has ramped up its own air raids, concentrating on the west of the country and at times targeting territory held by Western-backed rebel fighters.
The US-led strikes have mainly focused on Syria’s north and east where Islamic State and other militant Islamist groups hold territory in areas bordering Turkey and Iraq.