Thursday, 6 November 2014

Resigning from Delhi CM's post was a big mistake, admits Kejriwal......

Resigning from Delhi CM's post was a big mistake, admits Kejriwal
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In an interview to NDTV, former Delhi CM gave his view about the upcoming re-elections, which according to media reports may take place in February next year.
"I shall never resign again. Have learnt my lesson," Kejriwal said. "The decisions we took in 49 days were good, but people disappointed because we resigned. I agree that middle class people are upset with me over resignation." But at the same time maintained that AAP is not a one-man party. "It is wrong criticism that Aam Aadmi Party is a one-man party."
About forthcoming elections in Delhi, which became imminent because AAP government resigned after staying in power for just 49 days, Kejriwal attacked Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) by saying that both the parties lack a strong and able leader.
He said, "You need a strong leader and today the BJP and Congress don't have leadership in Delhi. Haryana and Maharashtra had no option, Delhi does. Delhi has a strong alternative in Aam Aadmi Party."
According to Kejriwal, having the same government at Centre and state does not always ensure development. "Modi is their hope for Centre but people of Delhi know he is not going to be chief minister" said former Delhi CM.
"Modi is being projected by BJP only to garner votes. People I meet in Delhi are saying 'Modi for PM, Kejriwal for Chief Minister," he added.
Though Kejriwal admitted that Modi possess high oratory skills, but maintained that people of Delhi will not fall in Modi's trap. "Delhi should not fall into trap of voting for Modi, he won't run the city," Kejriwal said.
He added, "It's not Modi vs me in Delhi." Attacking the saffron brigade, Kejriwal said, "BJP made four attempts in last five months to buy AAP MLAs in Delhi."