Saturday, 8 November 2014

Only way to say it: “Interstellar” is simply stellar......

I’ve seen “Interstellar”: Wow.
Though it can be a cliché in some cases, the term “thrill ride” applies perfectly in this Christopher Nolan film as a crew of astronauts tries to save humanity by finding a replacement for our dying planet.
Because the leader of that not-so-merry band is played Matthew McConaughey, full bore whether his Cooper is piloting a space ship or chasing a drone through his corn field, the acting keeps pace with the amazing look of the film.
Whether they’re on an ice-covered planet or fighting the increasingly dense dust storms on the dying Earth, Nolan’s film is a dazzler.
Yes, it borrows from other movies before it, from “2001” to “Gravity,” the use of human-sounding robots and in-space crashes feeling familiar but fitting in the action here.
But McConaughey is in charge, Jessica Chastain is her typically solid self and Anne Hathaway, while not inspired, is up to the challenge of being a wing-woman.
There are a few quibbles.
Though the action is stellar and compelling, they could have snipped a half-hour or so from this movie that runs nearly three hours.
The ending is a bit wonky, though some may find the bending of time thing interesting.
Some might find the beginning the slowest part of the film, though in showing the slow demise of the planet and its atmosphere on Cooper’s farm, the connection between Cooper and his daughter (Chastain, as the older Murphy) is solidly made, an important thing later in the film.
We also see there that Cooper, while adjusting well to the farming live, has his heart up in the clouds, where he once served as an astronaut before Earth’s problems seemingly cancelled the flight program.
Once he connects with the NASA in hiding, the film takes off and never slows until the credits.
It’s impressive in ways we’ve never seen before so settle in, prepare yourself for acceleration and hold on.