Friday, 7 November 2014

‘Interstellar’ is a complicated, stunning cinematic masterpiece by Christopher Nolan.......

The current movie landscape in 2014 includes sequels, prequels and remakes. Christopher Nolan proves with Interstellar that original stories should and need to be told on the big screen. Nolan proves that he is one of the strongest filmmakers and storytellers of his generation with this complex, mind-bending and passionate movie.
As a filmmaker, Nolan created a story that forces the audience to pay attention to details. The moviegoer is fully immersed into this world both on Earth and in outer space that has been created through state of the art special effects, relatable and flawed characters and incredible musical scores, which adds yet another layer of human and personal emotion to this sci-fi heavy film.
Oscar winner, Matthew McConaughey, impresses yet again with this performance. His character, Cooper, grounds this out of the world-sci-fi feature with his emotional and powerful performance. McConaughey disappears into this character and the audience goes on this intergalactic journey through his eyes. It is his relationship with his daughter, Murph, that connects the audiences to this incredible exploration, which becomes a race against time and space. Without this relationship at the core of the film, the audience could get lost in scientific concepts and at times slower pacing for the story.

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Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Wes Bentley and Michael Cane are also stand out actors in the film. Everyone who was cast in this film brings a different element of humanity and emotion that pulls the audience further into this world that Nolan has created. Even the performance by Mackenzie Foy playing a young Murph impresses when she shares the screen with McConaughey.
The scale of this film feels ambitious and elevated but it is the relationship between the characters that grounds this movie in emotion and love. Through these characters and the desire to save humanity back on earth, Nolan is able to explore some of the core values that define humanity. The movie takes the time to explore humanity's desire to explore the unknown; their determination to survive and love.
Visually, this is one of the largest undertakings for Nolan’s career. It is clear that Nolan was influenced by 2001: A Space Odyssey and a Kubrick style of storytelling both visually and emotionally. Nolan pushed the boundaries of story telling and forces the audience to rise to his thought process. This is not a mindless popcorn film. Interstellar challenges audiences to think outside of typical norms even though this desire is a slight downfall to this cinematic masterpiece.
Nolan is able to create a large-scale blockbuster that has the heart of an indie film but contains groundbreaking special effects that leave the audience in awe and wonder. This is a film that needs to be experienced on the big screen because of the astonishing and jaw dropping visual effects.
The minor failure of Interstellar is how scientific and complex this film becomes through dialogue and concepts. Interstellar is a movie that needs to be watched more than once in order to understand these small details that help to build into the larger over arching themes. Even with such complicated topics and theories, Nolan doesn’t lose the audience because the film always comes back to the heart of the film, which is built between the character interactions. These characters represent core values that can be found within humanity. Even when the finer details seem to be lost within science textbooks audiences are captivated.
Interstellar reminds audiences about the desire to look to the stars and learn what is beyond this world; the passion for exploring. When it comes to filmmaking, Nolan looks up at the stars and is able to go past this world into galaxies far beyond our own with this film. At the heart of Interstellar , it is clear that Nolan is an explorer and pioneer in the medium of filmmaking.
The ending of this film is likely to leave moviegoers divided but the true achievement that Nolan accomplishes is after the credits roll. As the audience starts to exit the theater, they immediately start discussing the film and it’s a conversation that doesn’t end.