Saturday, 15 November 2014

Another Bomb Blast Hits Kano......

Barely one month after F.C.E kano was attacked and many lives lost. The people of Kano yesterday evening recorded another attack which claimed many lives and left a lot of people injured.
The incidence which at Magarsuku Filling Station NNPC Round About Adjacent NNPC Mega Station Hotoro happened at about 7 pm.
According to an eye witness Abubakar Bala who narrowly escaped said he was sitting in front of the filling station around 7pm when a car drove into the station and parked beside a JTF Patrol Vehicle stationed in the filling station as the military men usually mount up a check point few meters away from the filling station when he suddenly heard a blast, “there was fire every way. People were running in confusion. The bomb actually killed all the security men in the JTF Vehicle as the car was burnt up completely.” He further stated that other military men who were checking vehicles in a few distance ran to the scene and started shooting into the air driving people away. No civilian was allowed to help. “We only stood in a distance and saw them carry dead bodies away as well as those who were injured.
Another eye witnessed Ahmad Ado was standing across the road when the bomb went off. He said all he could see were human bodies flying in the sky with people crying and burning but the military men were the only ones who were trying to help. Honestly the military men were fierce and hostile. They were not happy because their fellow men were killed that made them mad and they drove people who trying to help away shooting into the air as  if it was a war going on.
Suleman Abdullahi a tanker driver who sustained injuries in his arm, chest and head from the blast said he was at in the station offloading fuel when the bomb went off. He said all he could hear was the blast. He said he was lucky to have survived as two of his boys working with him at that time lost their lives.
Nura Abdullahi a brother to the driver said he was at Wudil their home town when he was called to run down to kano town that his brother was involved in the tragedy. According to the brother, most of the drugs were been bought by him as those in charged of the Murtallah Muhammad Specialist Hospital told them that the Hospital was short of drugs hence they should try and get the prescribed drugs from a nearby Pharmacy.
Haruna Muazu another victim of the blast said he was working with his boss the driver of the tanker that was offloading fuel in the station when the bomb went off and killed many people. Among those he could identify dead were the manger of the station and his Cashier. Haruna also sustained a serious injury in his arm.
Mal. Musbahu Ahmad who was on his way out of kano stopped at the filling station to get fuel when the unfortunate incidence occurred and he sustained a serious wound on his face with his cheek swollen this prevented him from speaking and directed his brother Alhj. Bashir to give him a paper on which he wrote his experience about the bomb blast. Also one of his in-law mukhtar said no government official has been cited inn the hospital since last night, they are just left alone with their loved ones.
Another victim Munir Muhammad who has already developed a mental problem as a result of the incidence could not say anything meaningful as his words could hardly be understood this a doctor said was as a result of the injury he sustained on his head.
A doctor at Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital  said so far 8 dead bodies were deposited at the Hospital Mortuary last night and others taken to other hospitals in the state.
When contacted on issue of lack of drugs in the hospital Assistant Chief Nurse Officer Mal. Kabiru Sani said actually the victims were brought in late at night at a time when the hospital pharmacy was out of stock that was why the families of the victims were asked to get some drugs that were not available  but he assured that the Chief Medical Director of the Hospital has already given orders for more drugs at the pharmacy that means no body would be asked to buy any drugs as the state government usually take care of such victims.
A Military source at the scene who wouldn’t want his name mentioned said a lots of the victims were taken to the Armed Forces Hospital in Bukkavu Barrack area but efforts to have interview with some of the victims at this hospital was denied as the officer in charge of the emergency ward said his superiors were not yet around as a result, no one could be allow to see the victims neither could he reveal any information. The scene is still been surrounded by armed military men who wouldn’t allow any one come close they said only when their commander is around can the Press be allowed.
The only senior officer that could be seen at the scene at about early as 6 am was the brigade commander of 3rd Motorizing Infantry Brigade Bukkavu Barracks inspecting the scene all efforts to speak with him proved abortive as members of the JTF would not allowed that
Up till the time of gathering this information, pieces of human bodies could be seen all over the premises as children and some adults were busy picking them up for a better look