Wednesday, 30 September 2015

'Honour killing': Pakistani-origin father strangles daughter to death in Germany................

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A Pakistani-origin man in Germany admitted to killing his daughter after he found out that she had shoplifted condoms from a store to have sex with her German boyfriend.
Abdullah Khan strangled his 19-year-old daughter after she continued seeing her German boyfriend whom Khan did not approve of.
The father and his wife said that their daughter Lareeb had started staying away from home for several nights and had stopped wearing her hijab (headscarf). One day they received a letter from the police saying Lareeb was caught trying to steal condoms, it is then when they decided to act on the matter.
Khan admitted to strangling his daughter with his hands. After she was dead, Khan's wife Shazia dressed her in her clothes and then they put her in a wheelchair and took her to a secluded embankment in Germany and tipped her off it, according to reports.
The father said that he killed her because she brought 'dishonour' to the family by getting involved with a boy he did not approve of. Khan and his wife are originally from Pakistan and are currently on trial for murder at the State Court in Darmstadt.