Saturday, 13 June 2015

'Kurdish Shakira' sings, dances to encourage soldiers in fight against ISIS..............

Known as Kurdish Shakira, Helly Luv has come up with a new single titled 'Revolution' which is about how the peshmerga, the military forces of Iraqi Kurdistan, will not stop fighting until the Islamic State is defeated, according to an AFP report.
Helly Luv is Kurdish singer born in Iraq, but was raised in Finland as her parents were one of the first Kurdish immigrants who fled from Saddam Hussain's regime of terror.
She gained popularity with her single 'Risk it all' in 2013 and now has bounty on her head by Islamic State.
Her new single 'Revolution' starts with a Kurdish soldier looking at a picture of a loved one, possibly his son, amid the war going around him. Later in the video, Helly, wearing a Kurdish attire stands in front of a war tank, unarmed and raising a banner saying 'Stop the violence'. At the end of the video, everyone is marching carrying symbols of peace and co-existence.
High heels, fatigues, bullet shaped bracelet and rifle-shaped rings is Ms. Luv's avatar!
According to an interview she gave to i24 News, Helly shot the video in Al-Khazr which is about 2.5 mile away from the jihadists' lines. Though often campy and over the top, 'Revolution' already has over 7,00,000 views on YouTube since being uploaded on May 28, 2015.
Helly Luv is carrying forward the legacy of Kurdish singers who sang to encourage the rebel fighters when peshmerga were mountain-based clan, reports Yahoo News.
Many in the West hold Kurds as the moral and military flagship of the world's fight back against Islamic state. Helly Luv is here with her hip-swinging, hair swishing songs to encourage the fighters to hold their own against IS forces.