Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Research endeavours must advance realms of knowledge, says President Pranab Mukherjee..............

President Pranab Mukherjee has said that research endeavours must advance the realms of knowledge and improve the lives of the common man.
President Mukherjee in his video message on the occasion of the presentation of Infosys Prize 2014 organized by the Infosys Science Foundation in Kolkata yesterday said that science is one of the creative endeavours of human mind.
"It plays a vital role in the advancement of human life and is central to technological progress. A scientific culture must determine the choices and decisions made by individuals, societies and nations," said President Mukherjee.
"Research endeavours must advance the realms of knowledge and improve the lives of the common man. It must bring about social, environmental and economic betterment of our people," he added.
President Mukherjee said he is convinced that India's future is inextricably linked to the progress we can make in establishing strong foundations for scientific research within the country.
The President further said India, under the guidance of first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, adopted science and technology as a priority from the early days of independence.
"The creation of institutions for research and higher education began from 1950 itself. As early as 1951, the country decided to set up an Atomic Energy Commission which has enabled India build her own nuclear reactors. Soon, our space programme started enabling us to launch satellites into space," said President Mukherjee.
"At the time of independence, our agriculture sector was under-developed and we were importer of food grains. The excellence of our scientists and toil of our farmers, together led to the Green Revolution of the sixties," he added.
President Mukherjee further said today, we are self-reliant in food and a major exporter of food grains, adding that such a transition has few parallels in human history.
"The years that followed have seen the emergence of strong Information Technology,Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries," he added.
President Mukherjee said India made history with the successful entry of the Mangalyaan into the Mars Orbit.
"India is the fourth in the world to reach the Mars. It is also the first to attain this goal in its very first attempt and at a cost of US$ 74 million, a fraction of the money spent by others," said President Mukherjee.
"While these milestones are a matter of pride for the nation, they also remind us of the distance still left to cover," he added.
President Mukherjee congratulated all the winners of the Infosys Prize 2014 and thanked them for their contributions to the world of knowledge.
"I am confident that their achievements will inspire our youth to dedicate themselves to the service of science and society," he said.