Thursday, 18 December 2014

Woman in China tries to sell daughter for husband's operation

BEIJING: A Chinese woman was spotted trying to sell her baby daughter to raise money for the medical treatment of her hospitalized husband in Fuzhou city on Monday. Her husband suffered serious injuries after falling from a building, where he was working. 

Photographs in several online news sites in China show the woman, Ni Qiong, on her knees carrying a placard with the words, "Begging to sell child". The placard further said, "The supervisor disappeared after my husband's work injury. We have no money for the treatment. Trying to sell my child in order to save her father." 

"I have no other option," Ni told local journalists. She was carrying her year-old daughter, and was accompanied by two other daughters. Her husband Zhou Guixing needs surgery which she cannot afford, Ni said. 

Zhou fell from the third floor of a building, where he was working last Thursday. His supervisor gave him 7,000 RMB ($115) before disappearing. However Ni's older daughters told local journalists, "No, please don't sell our sister." 

A reporter from a Chinese language news site quoted one of the daughters as saying that Zhou had earlier planned to sell the baby before the accident. He faced resistance from his wife at that time. Now, Ni was trying to sell the child. Tencent News site published Zhou's bank account details to help the couple raise funds.