Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Thomson Reuters signs deal with IBM to provide global IT support................

Multimedia and information intelligence corporation Thomson Reuters has signed a deal with IBM for global IT support.
The multi-year services agreement will see IBM aid Thomson Reuters in the delivery of internal-facing IT and enterprise

Thomson Reuters will be able to capitalise on IBM's industry-leading IT capabilities and expertise to improve operational processes and internal services across our businesses to enable our employees around the globe to focus on faster innovation for our customers," said Rick King, executive vice president and chief operating officer for technology at Thomson Reuters.
Philip Guido, general manager of IBM Global Technology Services in North America, also welcomed the deal to provide support to Thomson Reuters.
"With rapidly changing dynamics in how businesses access, analyse and consume information, global enterprises require greater agility and continuous innovation in order to remain competitive," he said.
"This new agreement demonstrates how IBM is the partner of choice for enterprise clients looking to maintain a competitive edge," Guido added.
Thomson Reuters prides itself as being at the cutting edge of technology. Indeed, CTO James Powell has previously claimed that as a major provider of electronic information his organisation has been managing big data for more than two decades.
"The term is overused, but we've been a big data organisation for more than 20 years," Powell told an audience at TUCON 2013 in Las Vegas.
"We aggregate data from multiple public and private sources. We organise that information and we redistribute it through terminals, databases and feeds," he added.
The Thomson Reuters agreement isn't the only services deal to be signed with IBM in recent weeks. Last month saw German national airline Lufthansa sign a seven-year £800m outsourcing deal with IBM for the technology giant to deliver IT infrastructure services to the company.