Sunday, 7 December 2014

I am still chasing perfection: Roger Federer..........

NEW DELHI: He may not be World No 1, his last Grand Slam title came two years ago. There's a younger, hungrier set of players hot on his trail and there's always Rafael Nadal, but Roger Federer can easily stake claim to being the greatest player of his generation and few others rolled in.

It is not just the Grand Slam count but the timelessness of his craft which draws everybody, from the aficionado to the newbie to his game. With superlatives easily always attached to him and his game, on Sunday, Federer was asked to define 'genius' himself... "Let's see. Genius, I don't know," started Federer.

"Genius is somebody who does various things very well, right? I mean, he's very smart and everything..."Of course in sports, sometimes we hear a bit too many crazy words floating around and everything becomes a bit crazy. I understand, it's emotional, it's all of that, but you know, you're just a tennis player at the end of the day.

It's nice that people appreciate that and it's fun.

I'm having a blast, you know. I definitely enjoy myself playing the Tour and can't believe the things I'm actually able to experience as a tennis player. I'm still so young and I've already experienced so much, and all that's thanks to tennis, of chasing a dream when I was young.

"I tried to chase perfection, I guess, to a degree at some point. I guess, I'm still trying that.

Indian Aces' Roger Federer hits a return against Singapore Slammers' Tomas Berdych during IPTL match in Delhi.

Tennis is a great sport in that you can always still improve because you have to adapt to every different opponent, every different arena, different conditions. So you never stop learning, and I think that's a very interesting and important aspect of the game.

That's why I'm still out here today, playing on the Tour and doing exhibition matches because I genuinely and truly love tennis.".