Friday, 7 November 2014

Mark Zuckerberg Says Facebook’s Future Will Be Videos..........

If you are one of those who complain that there are too many videos in your Facebook feed, you’d better get used to it because the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg foresees that Facebook will mostly be made of videos in five years time.
The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said on Thursday, during his company’s first community town hall meeting. Zuckerberg answered the public’s questions on a range of different topics.
mark zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg said:
“In five years, most of [Facebook] will be video.”
This statement was his answer to the question whether the large number of photos uploaded daily on Facebook is harming in anyway its infrastructure. He said that everything is held under control by data centers. He said the true challenge was to improve Facebook’s infrastructure to allow more videos on people’s feeds.
Mark Zuckerberg answered questions asked by a group of Facebook users who were invited at the headquarters in Menlo Park, California. He also answered to those who submitted the questions online.
One of the most asked questions was about the reasons behind Facebook forcing its users to download and install the Messenger app for mobile devices. Mark Zuckerberg agreed that not every Facebook user was happy with this change and answered that:
“Asking everyone in our community to install another app is a big ask. “
Zuckerberg said that Facebook assumed that by downloading the Messenger app, the users could experience a better and a faster messaging product if it got separated from the main Facebook app. Zuckerberg added that:
“We really believe this is a better experience.”
Another user asked Zuckerberg if Facebook was becoming “uncool” for young users and the CEO answered that he never intended Facebook to be cool or uncool. He said that he just wanted to create a helpful service that works fine.
Another user asked Mark Zuckerberg why does he always wear the same hoodies and t-shirts. Zuckerberg answered that he is more interested in developing and building new products that matter for the people, and that he doesn’t really care about what he wears. He also mentioned the late Apple founder, Steve Jobs, saying that he had “the same approach”.